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May I introduce myself :) [Aug. 11th, 2006|08:49 am]
The Lass and Cutlass


A fine community, glad to find it :)
I'm from Russia. I'm not exactly a female piracy fan, I like the sea and the ships etc. But I fell in love with tallships last summer, and some facts came together so that - I started to write a novel about a young captain, Caroline, and her Catalan frigate, "Rose of Sabadell". She's not precisely a pirate, though most people think so.
The story is a serious one, yet mostly psychological, and a bit incredible. It is almost finished, and pretty long, so some of you could read it if you understand Russian :)
I also like the "Master and Commander" movie much, and as for books, I prefer C.S.Forester and Rafael Sabatini :)
I wonder what do you think of "Piratica" by Tanith Lee, friends?
UPD: just forgotten - I'm playing a female admiral from Atlantis in a multi-player e-mail RPG game ;)