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The Lass and Cutlass

Ladies of Pirate Fiction

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Ahoy, and welcome to lass_n_cutlass, home and haven to the female pirate and her place in both history and fiction! This is, first and foremost, a community for the posting and appreciation of original and fan fiction. If you are looking for general pirate-lass communities, please look elsewhere.

The Lass and Cutlass is a place to:
+ post fiction. Here, you may post your stories regarding historical characters such as Anne Bonny and Mary Reade, fictional characters such as Anamaria (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Minerva Sharpe (Pirates!), or original female pirates of your own creation (but be careful - please see regulations).
+ share knowledge of pirate history, the age of sail, and other historical aspects that will come into writing fiction.
+ respond to fiction challenges and prompts provided by your moderator.
+ recommend and discuss books and other fanfics that feature pirate women.

With that said, here are some posting guidelines and rules. Yeah, yeah. But if you read them now I won't have to harp on them later. :)

When you join this community, before you post, I would like you to introduce yourself. Here's the chance where you can tell us who you are, and you can pimp communities that are not related to pirate women. (Meaning, this is the only time you can pimp unrelated communities - we want to know what else you're involved in.)

You can introduce yourself in a manner of your choosing - tell us things like your name (of course, PLEASE), where you live, who's your favorite female pirate, what other fanfic you write, what LJ communities/mailing lists you run or are part of, what fandoms you're involved in, et cetera.

Posting Fiction
This is the primary reason for this community, so please post your female-pirate fics! Please use the following format:

In the subject header:
FIC: [title (pirate character)]

In the body:
Pirate lass(es):
Origin: [Historical, original, or list the book/film/etc she's from]
Era/Setting: [Not all pirates are in the Golden Age, or in the Caribbean. ^^ ]
Rating: [MPAA, please, G - NC17]
Reason for rating:

No matter the length of the story, please post it behind an lj-cut or use an outside link if it's archived elsewhere. Don't know how to use an lj-cut? See the LiveJournal FAQ.

Challenges and Prompts
Every week or so once the community gets underway/gets enough members, I will post a challenge or prompt for members to write fiction in response to. The challenges may ask you to write:

+ something exactly 100 words (drabble)
+ something with .. some other word limit :)
+ something including a required list of words
+ about a certain character
+ about a specific situation
+ about an event or emotion
+ any combination of the above

These challenges aren't mandatory, and they aren't a contest, but they're designed to inspire and get you all thinking about writing. Maybe sometime I'll post a contest challenge. :)

When posting in response to a challenge, please use the same format for general fic posting, but include the challenge description and/or number in the subject header or body.

Have a challenge idea? Tell me, and I will most likely use it!

Have a pirate book or fanfic you want everyone to read? Go ahead and post it! Please put "Recommendation: [Title]" in the subject header. That's all. :)

Do you have a question or issue you want to address? Want to discuss a favorite pirate-lass book? You can also do so here. Please put "Discussion (or Question, etc): [Topic]" in the subject header.

Outside of your introduction, please do not pimp any communities other than those related to pirate women, pirates in general, the golden age of piracy, or the age of sail.

+ Any content is acceptable in terms of violence and sexuality, but please warn us first, and please don't be overly gratuitous for the sake of shocking people. Be gratuitous for the sake of good fiction. :) Some of us may not want to read 'questionable material' (but I'm pretty sure most of us love sex and violence - we're pirates at heart, after all).
+ Anything involving pirate women ought to be historical fiction. Please do not write anything set in modern day, or with bizarre fantasy/sci-fi elements unless you have a reeeeeally good reason to do so. Pirate curses, however, are fair game. ^^
+ The Lass and Cutlass does allow fiction involving original characters. However, I will be extraordinarily picky involving these original characters, and if there get to be too many Mary Sues, and too many people who write female pirates because they're too lazy to write men, I will start moderating the list. Writing a believable female pirate is harder than writing a believable male, and if you have not thought fully about this character I will not be happy!
+ The same goes for interpretations of non-original characters. I don't want to have to moderate memberships, but I want to keep this community full of good, well-thought-out fiction with realistic and researched characters.
+ I'd really appreciate it if we could keep the "relatives and lovers" factor out of our characters - meaning, please do not take a famous male pirate and make an original character to be his daughter/sister/lover/et cetera, unless this character actually was said daughter/sister/lover/et cetera. Meaning.. please. I don't want twelve hundred daughters/sisters/lovers of Jack Sparrow running around. .. Please. :)
+ On that same note, this is not merely a Pirates of the Caribbean fanfiction community.
+ To be a good pirate you don't have to be a captain. :) Just .. just keep that in mind, and if you roleplay in the POTC fandom at all, you'll understand. ^^
+ There is no 'claiming' of pirate women. It is not a roleplay community, and therefore, more than one person can write about Charlotte de Berry or anyone else. Certain people may choose favorites to write about, but it is not considered stealing a character if another author writes with the same female pirate. (It is preferred that unless one has an author's permission, each author has his/her own interpretation of the character, because that is stealing. Please don't do that. ^^)

With that said, please join our merry band!

This community is captained by oh_kaity (K.D.).