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Challenge I: (Drabbles) Opening lines - The Lass and Cutlass [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Lass and Cutlass

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Challenge I: (Drabbles) Opening lines [Mar. 11th, 2004|11:21 am]
The Lass and Cutlass


At the request of puabi, I bring you the first writing challenge, which is not too specific.

Rules for all Challenges
+ A female pirate must have a primary or otherwise important role. (Duh.)
+ That's it.

Challenge I: Opening lines

Compose a drabble (ficlet of one hundred words) that begins with one of the following lines:

a. "It's not my job."
b. I/He/She never liked seagulls.
c. God smiles upon thieves.
d. "Oh, my God."
e. It wasn't important.
f. The mast fell...

Write as many as you like, I don't care. :)

[User Picture]From: flywithpeternme
2004-06-12 09:11 pm (UTC)
I'll try my luck at writing one...It's my first time, be kind.
Although with the "opening lines" thing, I misunderstood, and composed a whole story with those sentences in it. Forgive me? ^_^

"Oh my God." Anne breathed, admiring her latest piece of plunder. She held up a beautifully crafted diamond ring, each facet of the stone glimmering in the sunlight. A seagull swooped overhead, threatening to take away her new prize. Anne frowned deeply at the offending bird, hurridly stowing the ring in her large leather boot. She never had liked seagulls, what with their loud shrieking calls, and the dirty messes that they left behind on the dock, deck, and sometimes a non-observant passerby. The gull cackled evilly at her, and went to prey on some other victim. Said victim swiped at the bird, then ran off, as the bird tried to attack their head.
Anne thought about helping the poor person, but shrugged it off. "It's not my job." It didnt matter to her whether or not the person got off unscathed, or fully covered in...well, it wasnt important to her what they were covered in. It wasnt her business.
Just then, a shriek came from nearby. "My ring! My ring is missing!" screeched a townslady.(sp?) Anne began to run, being closely followed by a guard. She jumped on a small boat, swinging around the mast by an arm. The mast wasnt as sturdy as she had expected, and the mast fell...just as she hopped on a peddlers cart.
"God smiles upon thieves." she grinned to herself, watching as the fumbling guards got smaller in the distance.
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